Terms and Conditions
Terms and Conditions
First, this is a plain English document.
In other words, there’s no legal mumbo-jumbo involved.
It’s meant to be understood by the average human.
As far as using this site is concerned, any and all information presented here
are to be considered “Experimental” and you are to use it
at your own risk.
The tips and tricks we share,
whether over the phone or through the Groovy Forums
are to be considered as suggestions only,
regardless of the reports of the individuals who created the posts,
with no warranty implied or otherwise.
No statement as to the accuracy of anything found on this site is to be assumed,
as that is beyond the scope of this site.
We are proud to offer a
100% Money Back Guarantee
on all purchases.
This is the way we started, and we aim to keep it that way!
If you aren’t satisfied with what you received,
and we’ve done the best we can together to give you what you want
and you still think you didn’t get your money’s worth,
we don’t want your money.
These are the limitations.

1) The guarantee is 30 Days from the date your throttle body is received. Processing time can vary from case to case, as shipping errors occur and “Life Happens”. Remember, we’re real people, and we ask your patience if the time runs a little over. Usually, it’s about 2 weeks from date of purchase until you receive your throttle body (sometimes it’s only 10 days), but the 30-day window doesn’t start until you receive your part.
2) If you really want to get better mileage, then you won’t mind running a few diagnostics first. We’ve identified many problems commonly associated with vehicles failing to gain as promised and have developed simple solutions for most of them. Please remember, we can never promise better mileage. We DO promise that your vehicle will run better, and better to your satisfaction.
3) Once a refund is requested, your modified throttle body is to be returned to Gadgetman with the following included in the box. Simply fill out a piece of paper with the following information:

> Date of purchase.
> Amount paid.
> Date of receipt of the throttle body.
> Name of the Purchaser.
> The email address associated with the PayPal account through which the purchase was made, or a copy of the payment instrument used for the purchase (money order receipt, cancelled check, et al)
> The year, make and model of the vehicle for which the throttle body was ordered.
> Reason for the requested refund.
4) Once the Groovy Throttle has been received, we will inspect it for any damage. If the part is deemed to have been damaged either during installation or in shipping, we will not refund your money. So, be sure you practice good mechanics, and that if you send it in for a refund you pack it well.

That’s about it!
We are proud to report that over 95% of vehicles with computer controls
do gain in fuel economy.
Those that initially fail in this (or in any other respect) have been found
-almost universally-
to be due to service- or installation-related issues.
We will devote as much time as we need to devote to see you
get the most from your Groovy installation.
And there’s a LOT we can do, for almost ANY gasoline burning engine!
Call Gadgetman at


if you have questions that aren’t covered here,
or if you just want to make a new friend.
We’re glad to know you!
Ron Hatton
Developer of The Gadgetman Groove


Revised January 29, 2018

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