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Miscellaneous Information:

Ron has been working on gasoline engines since 1966, helping his dad on their 58 Rambler Station Wagon. Smelling the exhaust was a major turning point in his life, and he bagan his quest for higher efficiency.

Starting with his research into Vapor Carburetor Technology, he has invested thousands of hours into everything he could find that offered higher efficiency. The issue was that what he found was either cost-prohibitive, required too much maintenance, had the potential to damage the engine, or (as in most cases) just plain didn't work.

He expected to find the answer in someone else's shop. Instead, in March of 2009, he discovered Wave-Form Technology, better known now as The Gadgetman Groove.

Since March of 2009, Ron has been tireless in seeing this amazing fuel efficiency technology spread around the globe. Now, it has spread to over 43 countries, with tens of thousands of engines sporting his Little Groove.

Currently, Ron is exploring the opportunity to improve the overall air quality in India, and is developing a Personal License Program to teach and equip the average tinkerer how to apply this tech.

He prides himself on being available for anyone, customer or not, to help with issues on their cars. He says that troubleshooting helps keep his mind sharp, and it gives him the opportunity to give a little back of what God has been so generous with in his life.

Ron is a born teacher, and spends his days researching holistic solutions to many of the problems facing society today.

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